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Welcome to the Terrapin download center! Here, you will find the free-to-try Terrapin Logo, product sheets, projects, and other information.

The documents are in PDF format. To open these documents, you need to have the Adobe Reader installed. If you haven't, please click the button below that directs you the the Adobe Reader download page.

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Useful Information

Tips for Ordering from Terrapin (PDF)

Do you have any questions about ordering from Terrapin? We have compiled a list of useful questions and answers that you can download as a PDF file. You can also browse our Q&A section in our Wiki for these and other questions. This Q&A section also answer a lot of the technical questions about Terrapin Logo that you may have.



Terrapin Logo Downloads

Get the Windows Installer Get the Mac Disk Image (see the note about Mac OS Sierra!)

Current version: 4.1.1

Terrapin Logo is a free-to-try program. You can download a Windows installer image or a Mac disk image as often as you wish. The Terrapin Logo download is fully functional; only saving is disabled, as is copying and pasting text between Terrapin Logo and other programs. To unlock all features of Terrapin Logo, you need to buy and install a license file. The download link for this license file will be made available to you once you complete the purchase of Terrapin Logo. Please visit the Terrapin Logo 4 page to buy a license.

Windows Installation Instructions (PDF) Mac Installation Instructions (PDF)

Stuck? Don't know how to install a downloaded license file? Then, please download the installation instructions, either for Windows or for the Mac. The instructions cover the installation process step by step, and they guide you through the steps that you need to follow to install a license file.

Note to Mac OS Sierra users: Terrapin Logo does not run on Mac OS Sierra because elements of the operating system that Terrapin Logo relies on have been removed. Contact Terrapin for information about an upgrade to run on Mac OS Sierra.

Robot Downloads

Get the Pro-Bot Robotics Manual (PDF)

Pro-Bot Robotics is an expansion of the User Guide that accompanies Pro-Bot. Pro-Bot Robotics provides full information on programming Pro-Bot, including the main program and sub-procedures. It also provides step-by-step instructions on utilizing Pro-Bots touch, light, and sound sensors.

Pro-Bot Robotics contains 18 pages.

Getting Started with Blue-Bot App (PDF)

Getting Started with Blue-Bot App provides information on using the iOS and Android Blue-Bot app with Blue-Bot, including explanations of all sections and modes of the app.

Getting Started with Blue-Bot App contains 18 pages.

Mat Downloads

Do you use the Blue-Bot App? For those who would like to add our mats to your Blue-Bot app, we've created a separate downloads page. Please click the link above to visit our Mat Downloads page!

Books and Curriculum Downloads

Logo Models and Methods Example Procedures (Zip)

This zipped archive contains the example procedures from the book Logo Models and Methods so you do not need to re-type all of the program code in this book.

52 Ideas for Kinderlogo (PDF)

Kinderlogo is software that offers a fun and unique way for young learners to use the computer. By putting them in charge, Kinderlogo captivates and excites children far beyond typical K–3 computer activities. At the heart of Kinderlogo, children explore freely, moving a "turtle" around the screen using letter commands. They experience a mathematical environment first-hand, making important discoveries that will stay with them. Please see www.kinderlogo.com for more information.

"52 Ideas for Kinderlogo" is a free set of activities for your K-3 learners (PDF).


Product Sheets

Blue-Bot Product Sheet (PDF)

Meet Blue-Bot, the new version of the popular Bee-Bot robot with a Bluetooth connection that lets you program the robot from a tablet or PC as well as directly via on-board keys. Download the product sheet here.

Pro-Bot Product Sheet (PDF)

The Pro-Bot Product Sheet is a single page describing the Pro-Bot. It is convenient to hand out to parents, friends, and others.