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Terrapin Logo 4.1

Terrapin is proud to offer Terrapin Logo 4.1, the latest version of the Logo computer language.  Terrapin Logo 4.1 is tried and true, yet new, with many new features that make learning with Logo both easier and more fun.  Compatible with both Mac and Windows, Terrapin Logo 4.1 is downloadable and free to try, so you can get started with Logo learning right away.  Logo embodies the "no floor, no ceiling" learning philosophy.  It is simple to start but grows with you as your skills develop.  Terrapin offers a wide range of resources and support materials to facilitate learning and having fun with Logo.

Get Terrapin Logo!
Logo Library

Logo Library and Resources

Terrapin offers a wide range of printed and online materials to support your explorations with Logo. Check out our online resources for tips, tools, and a wide range of example programs utilizing and illustrating Logo features.  The Logo Library offers a range of printed materials for different age groups, programming skill levels, and subject areas.  Crystal Rain Forest offers a Logo tutorial in the form of an engaging adventure game.

Logo Library;
Using Pro-Bot

Turtle Robots

Bring your Logo explorations off the screen and into the physical world with Bee-Bot and Pro-Bot turtle robots from Terrapin! Bee-Bot and Pro-Bot offer a hands-on experience with Logo programming and encourage algorithmic thinking while students are having fun. Turtle robots work well as an introduction to the Logo screen turtle or as concrete examples of putting programming in action.

Bee-Bot and Pro-Bot turtle robots

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Terrapin Software is one of the oldest and most experienced educational software publishers. Since 1979, Terrapin has offered the Logo computer language and related products that embody the "no floor, no ceiling" learn-by-doing Logo philosophy. These include Terrapin Logo, Bee-Bot and Pro-Bot turtle robots, Crystal Rain Forest adventure game, and Logo books and curriculum. By using Terrapin products, students enhance their problem-solving, critical thinking, mathematics, and programming skills while they are having fun.

Terrapin’s web site offers information about and the opportunity to purchase Terrapin products as well as a wide range of resources to support them. Subscribe to and view current and back issues of the Turtle Talk newsletter. Read customer stories of how they are using Terrapin products. Check out Logo project ideas, get tips and tools for using Terrapin Logo, and find help on the definition, syntax, and examples for any Logo command. Answers to many questions may be found in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

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