Digital Microscopes

Look on in amazement at everyday things with these easy to use handheld microscopes! Simply hold the Easi-Scope or Flexi-Scope over an object, focus by turning the top, then take videos or still images using the single control button. Easi-Scope (USB) and Flexi-Scope connect via USB to your computer; Easi-Scope (Wireless) connects via wifi to any device that supports wifi and an onboard camera.

Empower young scientists to explore the world around them and examine everyday objects like chalk, skin, velcro, strawberries or even lint at up to 54 times magnification on screen to be shared with all who look on. It's especially ideal for use in the study and investigation of 3D objects that normally would not fit under a standard microscope.

Use the Collection Containers to collect samples, such as sand, shells, leaves, twigs, flowers, rocks and seeds to examine in detail with Easi-Scope.

Use the LiveSlides® Kits for a great way to explore liquid samples with Easi-Scope Digital Microscopes. Collect a liquid sample from a pond, stream, or other source in a collection bottle and use the eyedropper to put drops on the slide for close observation.

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