Six-Bot USB Charger

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The Six-Bot USB Charger allows you to charge up to 6 robots or other USB devices at one time utilizing a single electrical outlet. It has an on/off switch and individual port lights to signal when a device is charging (red) and fully charged (green). Each of the six USB ports intuitively adapts to optimal charging for the device connected, at up to 2.4A for the fastest charge. Flashing lights indicate any overload conditions and a built-in circuit breaker prevents damage.

The Six-Bot USB Charger is compatible with all Terrapin rechargeable products, all of which come with their own USB charging cables. Charge six of the same device or mix and match!

At 6.5" by 1.75" by 1" and 6.5 oz. the Six-Bot USB Charger is compact and lightweight making it easy to carry and store.

Spare charging cables are available for all robots if you need extras.

PLEASE NOTE: To preserve battery life, try not to leave 'bots charging after they have been fully charged. Additional information about the rechargeable batteries in Terrapin products can be found on our Battery FAQ's page.

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