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LiveSlides® Explorer Kit
LiveSlides® Classroom Kit

The LiveSlides® Kits provide a great way to examine liquid samples with Easi-Scope and Flexi-Scope Digital Microscopes. Collect a liquid sample from a pond, stream, or other source in a collection bottle and use the eyedropper to put drops on the slide for close observation.

     • The LiveSlide® Explorer Kit comes with (2) LiveSlides® + (1) collection bottle with eyedropper
     • The LiveSlide® Classroom Kit comes with (6) LiveSlides® + (2) collection bottles with eyedropper

Each separate LiveSlide® contains 3 pieces:

     • 1 Base Slide - Impact resistant with a 0.23mm uniform depth of viewing well and partitions to keep specimens in the viewing area
     • 2 reusable Coverslips at different thicknesses - One is very thin (0.13mm), perfect for high magnification, the second is a bit thicker (0.25mm) and can be used for all applications. NOTE: Each coverslip has a thin plastic film on each side for protection, one green and one clear. Remove both films by either peeling the film off or using a small piece of tape on the corner and lifting. Discard the films.

How to use LiveSlides®:

     • Gather your collected specimens.
     • Place the desired number of specimen droplets in the wells on the base slide.
     • Gently place the coverslip over the culture well.
     • Place the LiveSlide® under Easi-Scope or Flexi-Scope and enjoy exploring the magnified world.
     • Upon completion, rinse with warm water and let it air dry.
     • After drying, store for future observation.