Alphabet Mat (with Alphabet Cards)

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The Bee-Bot Alphabet Mat presents the letters of the alphabet in colorful squares that match Bee-Bot steps. Navigating Bee-Bot across the mat boosts students understanding of letters and invites them to invent a range of games that help develop literacy skills.

Click to see this mat in action in the Bee-Bot emulator in your browser!

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Alphabet Mat (with Alphabet Cards)
Alphabet Mat (with Alphabet Cards)

In stock



    Terrapin's Alphabet Mat includes:

         • 1 Alphabet Mat
         • 1 deck of Alphabet Cards

    Each deck of contains 26 colorful images of both an upper and lower case letter on one side with a beautiful photograph and word printed on the other side, as taken from this Alphabet Mat.

    A SET of the Alphabet Cards includes two full decks of all the images and words for use of the front and back sides of a card simultaneously. Purchase 1 deck of Alphabet Cards (to make a full Set) at a special price above.

    Terrapin's Spanish Alphabet Mat is offered separately and does not include a deck of cards.

    Both Alphabet Mats are made of washable vinyl and measure approximately 30" by 36" (75 cm by 90 cm)