Docking Station

The Docking Station holds and charges up to six Bee-Bot and/or Blue-Bot at once from a single electrical outlet. Simply plug the docking station in and place up to six 'bots in the specially designed docking slips. As you settle a 'bot into its slip, the USB docking port fits smoothly into the USB recharger. An few hours stay in the Docking Station leaves Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot fully charged and ready to go for fun and learning in the classroom.
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The Docking Station charges up to six 'bots at the same time. Since a charge usually lasts several days, a single Docking Station can support 12 or even 18 'bots that are in the same vicinity.

NOTE: Be sure to unplug the Docking Station or remove the 'bots when fully charged as indicated by the eye lights on the 'bot. To preserve battery life, try not to leave 'bots charging on the Docking Station after they have been fully charged.

Bee-Bot eye light indicators:

     • Green LED in the left eye – will turn on to show that the Bee-Bot battery is charging.
     • The green LED in the left eye switches OFF when the Bee-Bot is fully charged.

Blue-Bot eye light indicators:

     • Flashing Red – Low battery: Blue-Bot needs charging
     • Solid Red – Charging
     • Solid Green – Fully charged