Old West Mat

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Use the Old West Mat to explore the old west with Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot and learn mapping skills along the way. The Old West Mat provides an intriguing and exciting environment for students to explore with Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot. Visit the corral, the gold mine, or the teepee village. Stay at the hotel, get money from the bank to shop at the general store, or even go to jail! Cross the river and ride down the railroad track. See the buffalo or the mountain goat but watch out for the rattlesnake! The Old West Mat brings together history and social studies and encourages students to develop stories and narratives. At the same time it teaches mapping skills with each feature in a square identifiable by its map coordinates. Students learn navigation in terms of directionality and relative and absolute locations. Click to see this mat in action in the Bee-Bot emulator in your browser!

The Old West Mat is made of washable vinyl and measures approximately 30" by 30" (75 cm by 75 cm)