Easi-Scope (USB) Digital Microscope

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The Easi-Scope (USB) Digital Microscope, from the makers of Bee-Bot, lets students examine everyday objects in amazing detail. Easi-Scope turns young students into scientific detectives who can discover and explore the inner workings and fine details of the world around them. The simple plug and play Easi-Scope attaches to a computer or laptop via a USB port. The egg shape makes it easy to grasp and focus while built-in LED lights provide close up illumination.

Connect to a whiteboard and the whole class can share in discovery. A basic camera tool on your computer is all you need. Open an existing one on your machine and select the Easi-Scope device (listed as USB Microscope) as your viewing source, or download one of the Xploview software options provided on our downloads page. This product is also available as an economical and colorful Six Pack.