Logo Household License

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A Terrapin Logo Household License is for individuals or families to use Terrapin Logo in conjunction with school or just for fun. Up to 4 users in one household may use the license, which allows installation of Terrapin Logo on desktop PCs or laptops, or access via a browser from any device.

Simply place your order and your login code is automatically emailed to you on the bottom of your invoice.

Terrapin Logo fractal designs
Logo is a fun way
to explore fractals!

Access Terrapin Logo online at https://weblogo.terrapinlogo.com/.  Any modern browser on any device will work!

Terrapin Logo may be also installed on Windows or Mac desktops or laptops. Visit the Terrapin Downloads Center to download an installation package.

Terrapin Logo is extensively documented online.  

Just for fun: Check out Turtle Tuesdays - a weekly Logo (and often Pro-Bot) programming challenge designed to keep students engaged and thinking creatively. Weekly challenges are posted every Tuesday on Facebook and Instagram, with solutions the following week. Visit the Turtle Tuesdays page to view the archives of challenges offered.