3D Community Construction Kit

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Enhance community studies in an exciting, hands-on way with the 3D Community Construction Kit for Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot to explore!

The kit provides everything needed to construct a 3D community in the classroom, on the table or floor, and gets students 'down on the level' even more for seeing from the 'bots perspective. Building the community promotes construction skills, while sending Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot on a community exploration develops coding and navigation skills.

Terrapin's 3D Community Construction Kit includes:

     • 15 boxes that may be assembled into "buildings"
     • 12 sets of pre-printed stickers to apply

Students may use the three blank boxes to create buildings of their own, drawing on them or pasting photos or images, allowing for customization as they learn.

The 12 pre-printed building images, as taken from the Community Mat are as follows:

     • Animal Rescue Center
     • Bank
     • Bookstore
     • Fire Station
     • Hardware Store
     • Public Library
     • Food Market
     • Pizza Shop
     • Post Office
     • School
     • Town Hall
     • Toy Store

Use the 3D Community Construction Kit in conjunction with Terrapin's Community Mat or as a standalone project.