Tuff-Bot - the Rugged Robot

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Use Tuff-Bot - the Rugged Robot in the classroom or take it where other classroom robots can't go, whether that be the hallway, gym, playground, ballfield, or even the woods! Oversized wheels allow it to traverse uneven terrain. Built-in obstacle avoidance guides it get around barriers. Multiple speeds make it adaptable for operation in a range of environments.

Program Tuff-Bot via on-board buttons, remotely via a free downloadable tablet app (Android or iOS), or with the TacTile Reader. To get the app, visit the following links:

Apple App Store: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/rugged-robot/id1465260885


Highlights include:

     • Rechargeable -- with LED ring to show charge level
     • Outdoor friendly with 3 speed settings suitable for different surfaces
     • Compatible with the TacTile Reader for remote operation
     • See & Say functionality -- Recordable messages to confirm when commands have been entered
     • Memory of up to 256 steps
     • Program using 45-degree turns
     • 20cm travel distance for each step
     • Built-in distance sensors to avoid obstacles
     • Hole to insert camera mount that comes with the Robot Sports Camera (sold separately)

PLEASE NOTE: To preserve battery life, try not to leave 'bots charging after they have been fully charged. Additional information about the rechargeable batteries in this product can be found on our Battery FAQ's page.