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Pro-Bot Coin Battery
Bee-Bot / Blue-Bot Rechargeable Battery**
Triangle Screwdriver

Pro-Bot Coin Battery -- Replacement coin battery for Pro-Bot to maintain its memory. These are a standard CR2032 lithium battery.

Bee-Bot / Blue-Bot Rechargeable Battery** -- Replacement rechargeable battery for Bee-Bot / Blue-Bot to operate. These are a non-standard battery specific to use in these products.

Triangle Screwdriver -- Triangle-shaped screwdriver to open Bee-Bot / Blue-Bot / Pro-Bot rechargeable battery compartment. This screwdriver has a special head, conforming to child safety standards, for use with Bee-Bot, Blue-Bot and Pro-Bot.

**NOTE: Bee-Bot / Blue-Bot Rechargeable Battery may not be shipped outside the United States.

New batteries can resolve power and charging issues but are unlikely to resolve movement issues.
For movement issues, please fill out our Troubleshooting Form.
Long term storage of the Bee-Bot / Blue-Bot Rechargeable Battery is not recommended.
Quantities are limited.

See also our Rechargeable Robot Battery FAQ's -- documentation covering what you should know about rechargeable battery care.

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