Dry Erase Mat (with Accessories)

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The Dry Erase Mat (with Accessories) motivates students to experiment and develop Pro-Bot and InO-Bot programs. Insert one of the included markers in Pro-Bot or InO-Bot to try a program that draws a shape. If it isn't right the first time, simply erase the design, change the program, and try again. Students learn geometry and angles while developing coding and debugging skills. The Dry Erase Mat provides a space-saving and easy-to-use surface for doing so.

Try creating environments for Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot to traverse. Use the multicolored markers to create routes for Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot to follow or obstacles to avoid. Then program Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot to navigate the design. Students can change their programs or alter the design as they develop coding and drawing skills. Utilize the Bee-Bot Step Ruler to develop counting and measuring skills as students plot their routes.

Terrapin's Dry Erase Mat includes:

    •   (1) 3' by 4' white dry erase surface
    •   (4) multi-color dry erase markers, perfectly sized to fit the InO-Bot and Pro-Bot pen holders
    •   (1) machine washable cleaning cloth

The Dry Erase Mat's generous drawing surface is smooth, easy to write on and erases cleanly. When not in use the Dry Erase mat rolls up and stores in its own portable tube.

Use it over and over!