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Boost learning and enthusiasm in a classroom with multiple Bee-Bots or Blue-Bots. The Class Bundle allows you to equip your classroom with Bee-Bots and accessories at a substantial discount over buying the items separately.
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Class Bundle
Class Bundle

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    Terrapin's Class Bundle includes:

         • 4 Bee-Bots OR 4 Blue-Bots
         • 2 Card Mats
         • 1 set of Command Cards (two decks)
         • 1 Pusher Jacket
         • 1 Pen Holder Jacket

    With four robots, the Class Bundle is everything you need to quickly have an entire class learning with Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot.

    Card Mats provide a great surface for Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot. The grid helps orient guide students as they enter their programs. Raise the clear plastic sheet and locate images in the squares to teach a wide variety of lessons.

    Each Command Card has an image of a command button. Lay them out as the buttons are pressed for a record of the program. Alternately, use the Command Cards to create the program and then test the results with Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot.

    When you fit a Pen Holder Jacket over Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot, you give it the capability to draw.

    When you fit a Pusher Jacket over Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot, you give it the ability to retrieve, push, and deliver balls, stones, and other lightweight objects. Build collaboration skills by having students exchange objects or keep them away from each other!