Alphabet Cards Set

Each deck of Alphabet Cards contains 26 colorful images of each upper and lower case letter on one side with a beautiful photograph and word printed on the other side, as taken from Terrapin's Alphabet Mat (which comes with one deck). A set of the Alphabet Cards includes two full decks of all the images and words. The cards may also be used in conjunction with the Card Mat to turn it into an Alphabet mat or as standalone aides.

Use the Alphabet Cards in conjunction with Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot to create activities that develop and enhance language, reading, and matching skills. Each card is the length of a Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot step, so may be used to outline literacy paths for the robots.

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Words and images on the Alphabet Cards

    A apple N nest
    B balloons O orange
    C car P penguin
    D dolphin Q quail
    E envelope R rooster
    F flower S starfish
    G globe T turtle
    H horse U umbrella
    I ice V violin
    J jewelry W whale
    K keys X xylophone
    L lion Y yarn
    M music Z zebra