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Terrapin Logo 4 is the latest version of the Logo computer language from Terrapin, the world's oldest and most experienced Logo company. Terrapin Logo is free to try! The trial version of Terrapin Logo is fully functional with the exception of saving and printing. Click one of the download icons below to download Terrapin Logo for your computer. The Getting Started Guide and Quick Reference are included in the download so you are all set to go! Visit the Logo Installation page for further information about downloading Logo.

Mac OS Sierra users: See note below.

Download the Windows InstallerDownload the Mac Disk Image (see the note about Mac OS Sierra!)

To make Terrapin Logo fully functional on your computer, purchase and download a license file. After you purchase a Logo license, you will receive a link to your license in an email invoice within 24 hours.  Download the license file and install it into Terrapin Logo to unlock all features. Contact Terrapin for information on upgrading from previous versions.

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Terrapin Logo is a modern classic - tried and true, yet new!

Terrapin Logo v 4 is the latest version of the Logo computer language from Terrapin, the world's oldest and most experienced Logo company. Terrapin Logo includes all the features that make Logo a powerful and fun learning environment along with many exciting new ones that extend Logo's capability and make it easier to use.

Terrapin Logo is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh computers. Simply download the version compatible with your computer. Terrapin Logo files are cross-compatible between operating systems, making Terrapin Logo the right choice for schools with mixed computer environments or for home computers that are different from those at school.

Note to Mac OS Sierra users: Terrapin Logo does not run on Mac OS Sierra because elements of the operating system that Terrapin Logo relies on have been removed. Contact Terrapin for information about an upgrade to run on Mac OS Sierra.

 Terrapin Logo has a full set of popular turtle graphics.  If you have used Logo in the past, you can get started right away with simple turtle commands.  In addition, Terrapin Logo offers multiple turtles, multiple graphics windows and millions of colors. In addition to standard commands, Terrapin Logo offers program visualization with a turtle shape editor, command center, and full set of graphic program controls. In addition to turtles, Terrapin Logo allows any graphic image to be added to Logo and moved, animated, and sized. The Toolbox provides drag-and-drop access to Logo resources making it even easier to start exploring.

Terrapin Logo offers a full range of programming capability in addition to turtle graphics, including words and lists, mathematical functions, conditionals and arrays. You can play sounds and songs and compose your own music in up to three voices on over 100 instruments.

Programming is made easy with full-featured editors, context-sensitive text coloring, and the ability to save your entire Logo environment allowing you pick back up right where you left off. 

Terrapin Logo offers a wide range of resources to support Logo programming including comprehensive on-line help with command definitions, illustrations, and examples available at the click of a button as well as tips, tools, and sample programs and projects. In addition, Terrapin Logo is documented with the Getting Started Guide and Quick Reference Manual which are included in the download.  Terrapin's Logo Library offers a wide range of Logo support materials for different age groups, experience levels, and subject areas.

Terrapin offers and economical upgrade path from previous versions of Terrapin Logo.Contact Terrapin for information on upgrading from previous versions.

Try Terrapin Logo to start learning and having fun!


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