Logo Classroom License (20 users)

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A Terrapin Logo Classroom License allows up to 20 users to use Logo with one license.

A Terrapin Logo multi-user license is an easy and economical way to give students access to Logo and the learning it inspires.  Terrapin includes a multitude of tools with each multi-user license that allow the teacher or license administrator to configure Logo to best fit their situation.  Authorize access and establish credentials for students.  Group students into work groups.  Disseminate assignments or other information directly via Logo and much more.  See Configuring Terrapin Logo for full information.

Under the license, Terrapin Logo may be installed on desktop PCs or laptops, on a computer networked, or accessed online via a browser from any device. To download software, visit the Terrapin Downloads Center, select either the Windows or Mac installer and follow the prompts.  This provides great flexibility for both in class instruction and distance learning or a mixture of both.

Terrapin Logo multi-user licenses are good for three years.

Just for fun:  Check out Turtle Tuesdays - a weekly Logo (and often Pro-Bot) programming challenge designed to keep students engaged and thinking creatively. Weekly challenges are posted every Tuesday on Facebook and Instagram, with solutions the following week. Visit the Turtle Tuesdays page to view the archives of challenges offered.