Makerspace Bundle

Terrapin's Makerspace Bundle is an economical way to equip your makerspace with a broad range of exciting Tools for Thinking for children of all ages. Each of the included items is sure to engage, delight, and motivate students to explore, create, and expand their knowledge in a multitude of ways!

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Price as configured: $749.95


Terrapin's Makerspace Bundle includes our complete line of robots, the new Easi-Scope Digital Microscope and all the materials you need to fully utilize them.

The Makerspace Bundle has something for students of all ages and abilities. The youngest students can start with the popular Bee-Bot, learning planning, problem-solving, and coding while developing reasoning skills. As capabilities increase, students can move on to Blue-Bot, which introduces remote control and program editing using the Tactile Reader or a tablet with the free app available for download. Set up the flexible Card Mat to teach any subject you'd like, using either robot as motivation to get around its surface. (NOTE: You can find information about the free manufacturer's app by going here.)

With advanced experience and confidence boosted, students can move up to Pro-Bot. Pro-Bot's drawing capability, especially when combined with the Dry Erase Mat, inspires students to explore geometry and learn about angles in a hands-on way, while truly developing their coding skills. InO-Bot provides even more experience with robotics controls including movement, light, sound, and proximity sensors, line following, and drawing with the programmable pen. Pair InO-Bot with Terrapin Logo and watch the screen robot and InO-Bot work in parallel on the computer and in the real world.

Easi-Scope's (up to x50) magnification capability encourages students to become scientific detectives of the everyday objects around them in amazing detail. Send them out with the included Collection Containers to gather samples for examination under the microscope and watch as they discover new wonders.

Each of the robots comes with a USB charging cable which can be used with the Six-Bot USB Charger to recharge their built-in batteries.

Equip your makerspace with Terrapin's Makerspace Bundle and have resources for students of all ages and abilities that will excite and inspire them to learn!