Data Logging Backpack

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The Data Logging Backpack records information for easy download and examination on PCs, Chromebooks, and Macs including:

    •   Temperature
    •   Humidity
    •   Light

Designed to fit snugly on Tuff-Bot - The Rugged Robot, the Data Logging Backpack turns Tuff-Bot into a mobile data lab by recording information wherever Tuff-Bot roams.

The Data Logging Backpack is a great way for students to experience gathering and analyzing data from the environment. The Data Logging Backpack samples information on light, temperature, and humidity at the rate you set for later download and analysis. Students can gather and compare information from different times, different places, or before and after environmental changes.

Though it can be used as a standalone device, the Data Logging Backpack is designed to fit snugly on Tuff-Bot - The Rugged Robot in the back recess. Students can enhance and extend their coding experience by sending Tuff-Bot to gather data along a programmed route, which might include places they themselves cannot go. This emulates the Mars Rover and other exploratory robots that are used to obtain information about places we cannot visit directly and provides students a hands-on experience in environmental science and data analysis.

The Data Logging Backpack is PC, Mac, and Chromebook compatible. Data sampling rates can be set at 1, 10, 30, or 60 seconds. Temperature data can be recorded in Fahrenheit or Celsius. The on-board display allows viewing of the data prior to download via USB. Data can be saved and the Data Logging Backpack reset for additional exploration.