CVC Words Mat

The CVC Words Mat presents 42 colorful images of easily recognizable consonant-vowel-consonant words. Each is in a square corresponding to a Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot step. Students can identify sounds and words and send Bee-Bot or Blue-Boton its way to find them. The CVC Words Mat harnesses the excitement of Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot to develop and build language, reading, and matching skills. New! The CVC Words Mat now comes with a deck of CVC Word Cards, each of which shows an image on one side and the corresponding word on the other. A set of the CVC Word Cards includes two full decks of all the images and words for use of the front and back sides of a card simultaneously. Click to see this mat in action in the Bee-Bot emulator in your browser!
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The CVC Words Mat has these images (from left to right, top to bottom):

Dog Hut Rat Jet Fin Gas Bib
Map Sub Bag Cat Log Pin Mop
Bus Web Dot Pot Mitt Cab Tag
Nut Leg Cup Jar Bat Clap Hen
Fox Pig Cap Lip Saw Fan Van
Pen Bed Top Ham Bug Sun Net

The CVC Words Mat is made of washable vinyl and measures approximately 42" by 36" (105 cm by 90 cm)