Command Card Set

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Students can use Command Cards to visually layout the steps they plan for Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot to take. Enter the commands by pressing the ‘bot’s buttons, and follow along as it is executed. If Bee-Bot doesn't end up where they wanted, students can review their command sequence, make adjustments, and try again. This provides a screen-free coding lesson for the whole class.

Use Command Cards to create games and challenge young learners. The possibilities are endless!

Terrapin's Command Card Set includes:

     • 2 decks of Command Cards

Each deck contains 44 colorful images of one of the 'bot control keys on one side and an image of a Bee-Bot with the same key highlighted on the other.

The images included in each Command Card deck are as follows::

     • 8 FORWARD cards    
     • 8 BACK cards    
     • 8 LEFT cards    
     • 8 RIGHT cards     
     • 4 PAUSE cards     
     • 4 GO cards     
     • 4 CLEAR cards

The two decks included doubles the above numbers when you purchase the set.