Pro-Bot Holiday Special

Purchase Pro-Bot for the holidays and get a Pen Pack and free US shipping at no extra charge. Everything else in the same shopping cart gets free US shipping too!

Pro-Bot is a sophisticated little robot, cleverly disguised as a race car, offering an enticing, engaging, and hands-on experience with programming and robotic controls. Insert a pen from the free Pen Pack and program Pro-Bot to draw and create shapes and designs. Programming Pro-Bot to draw is a fun way to learn about shapes, angles, and geometry.

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Pro-Bot commands entered via the on-board keypad appear on the LCD screen. Press GO and watch as Pro-Bot follows its program with each step highlighted on the screen as Pro-Bot executes the command. Specify the number of steps Pro-Bot should move and the number of degrees it should turn in up to 99 lines of code.

Lay out paper, insert a colorful pen from the free Pen Pack in Pro-Bot and watch it draw as it moves. Program shapes and designs and learn angles and geometry along the way. The Pen Pack contains 10 different colors to inspire the artist within the programmer!

Pro-Bot's bumpers are touch sensors that operate as program interrupts. Determine what Pro-Bot should do when it runs into a wall or other obstacle or teach it to find its way out of a maze. Pro-Bot also has light and sound sensors as well and up to 30 sub-procedures. It is easy to get started with Pro-Bot while its advanced capabilities encourage programming ambition and skills development.