Terrapin Logo 4 Downloads

Terrapin Logo 4 Downloads

Get the Windows Installer Get the Mac Disk Image (see the note about Mac OS Sierra!)

Terrapin Logo 4 has been discontinued. We have upgraded Terrapin Logo to both Web and desktop versions.

Windows Installation Instructions (PDF) Mac Installation Instructions (PDF)

Stuck? Don't know how to install a downloaded license file? Then, please download the installation instructions, either for Windows or for the Mac. The instructions cover the installation process step by step, and they guide you through the steps that you need to follow to install a license file.

Note to Mac OS Sierra (or later) users: Terrapin Logo 4 does not run on Mac OS Sierra (or later) because elements of the operating system that Terrapin Logo relies on have been removed. For Mac OS Sierra (or later) users, we suggest the latest web version of Terrapin Logo and its companion desktop versions.