Blue-Bot Holiday Special

Purchase Blue-Bot for the holidays and get a deck of Command Cards and free US shipping at no extra charge. Everything else in the same shopping cart gets free US shipping too!

Blue-Bot is like getting two robots in one. Operate Blue-Bot directly from the buttons on the back, or connect Blue-Bot to a TacTile Reader, your tablet, or computer via Bluetooth and operate it remotely. Use the Command Cards to plan out or keep track of Blue-Bot's route.

Blue-Bot provides a great introduction to coding and grows with students as their skills develop.

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Blue-Bot is the next-in-line version of the popular Bee-Bot robot, which makes it fun and exciting for students to learn and experience coding and develop their reasoning skills. Blue-Bot also has a Bluetooth connection and can be programmed remotely as well, introducing a new concept into the robotic and coding experience. Program Blue-Bot with the buttons on the back, just like Bee-Bot. Then connect Blue-Bot via Bluetooth to a TacTile Reader or PC or tablet and program Blue-Bot remotely from your device!

Command Cards show images of Blue-Bot's command buttons with each card representing one command. Lay the cards out as you press Blue-Bot's buttons for a record of the program. Or lay out the cards to create a program and then enter it into Blue-Bot to see if Blue-Bot does what you expect. Cards are also the length of a Blue-Bot step and may be used to measure Blue-Bot distances and routes. Command Cards may also be used to create games to challenge young learners. A deck of Command Cards comes free when you purchase Blue-Bot for the holidays!

Download the free Blue-Bot app from the Google Store or Apple Store to control Blue-Bot from your tablet. Blue-Bot® is compatible with any Andriod or iOS device with version 3.0/4.0+ EDR Bluetooth (e.g. iPad3 and later). Download dedicated Blue-Bot apps for Mac and Windows from the Software Downloads section of the Download Resource Center.