Bee-Bot Basic Holiday Special

Purchase Bee-Bot Basic (AA-battery-powered) for the holidays and get a Bee-Bot Basic Talking Mat platform, and a 4x4 mat of your choice at no extra charge.

Give a voice to Bee-Bot as it explores! The Holiday Special pairs a Bee-Bot Basic (AA-battery-powered) with a Talking Mat platform and the 4x4 mat of your choice.

Place the four Talking Mat sensors under the platform, plug them into the control box, and record a message for each one. Send Bee-Bot around the mat and your message sounds when Bee-Bot runs across the sensor.

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Price as configured: $99.95


Bee-Bot Basic Holiday Special comes with Bee-Bot Basic (AA-battery-powered) rather than Bee-Bot (Rechargeable). The only difference between Bee-Bot (Rechargeable) and Bee-Bot Basic (AA-battery-powered) is the way it is powered. All functionality otherwise remains the same.

The Bee-Bot Basic Talking Mat platform is made of four 12"x12" plastic segments that snap together and fit under a 4-step by 4-step Bee-Bot mat. Fit the four sensors in any of the 16 sensor locations under the platform (one for each square on the mat). Plug each sensor into the control box and record a message that plays when Bee-Bot passes over the square with the sensor underneath. Choose the Terrapin 4x4 mat you prefer to use with the Talking Mat platform.

Please note: the Talking Mat platform is only compatible with the AA-battery-powered Bee-Bot Basic.

All needed batteries are included.