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Terrapin Logo is a modern classic!

Terrapin Logo is the latest version of the Logo computer language from Terrapin Software, the world's oldest and most experienced Logo company. Terrapin Logo includes all the features that make Logo a powerful and fun learning environment along with many exciting new ones that extend Logo's capability and make it easier to use.

Terrapin Logo is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh computers. It comes on a dual format CD for direct installation on Windows or Macintosh. Terrapin Logo files are cross-compatible between operating systems, making Terrapin Logo the right choice for schools with mixed computer environments or for home computers that are different from those at school.

Terrapin Logo has a full set of popular turtle graphics with multiple turtles, multiple graphics windows and millions of colors. In addition to standard commands, Terrapin Logo offers program visualization with a turtle shape editor, command center, and full set of graphic program controls. In addition to turtles, Terrapin Logo allows any graphic image to be added to Logo and moved, animated, and sized. Terrapin Logo PackageThe new Toolbox provides drag-and-drop access to Logo resources making it even easier to start exploring.

Terrapin Logo offers a full range of programming capability in addition to turtle graphics, including words and lists, mathematical functions, conditionals and arrays. You can play sounds and songs and compose your own music in up to three voices on over 100 instruments. With built-in commands to control the Lego robotics, Terrapin Logo offers an alternative programming environment for robotic constructions.

Programming is made easy with full-featured editors, context-sensitive text coloring, and the ability to save your entire Logo environment allowing you pick back up right where you left off. You can use Terrapin Logo to create stand-alone programs that you can distribute to your friends to show what you can do!Terrapin Logo is compatible with all popular computers

Terrapin Logo offers comprehensive on-line help with command definitions, illustrations, and examples available at the click of a button as well as a wide variety of tools and sample programs. In addition, Terrapin Logo is fully documented with over 600 pages of instruction and examples in four manuals: Getting Started Guide, Quick Reference, Tutorial, and Reference Manual.

Terrapin Logo supports Lego robotics devicesTerrapin Logo supports robotics with built-in commands for Lego's RCX and NXT robotic controllers. Use Terrapin Logo to start and stop motors, read and react to switches and sensors, and control and integrate your robotic constructions into your Logo environment.



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Includes Win/Mac CD-ROM, Getting Started Guide, Tutorial, Reference Manual, and Quick Reference.
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Includes Win/Mac CD-ROM, Getting Started Guide, Tutorial, Reference Manual, and Quick Reference and a license to use Terrapin Logo on the specified number of computers. With a Multiple Computer License, Terrapin Logo may be networked or loaded on individual computers or any combination as long as the number of computers is covered by the license.

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