Roamer Turtle

Roamer makes learning fun!
Roamer $299.95

Pre-school to Grade 6

After many years of classroom service, Roamer has retired and is no longer available. Check out Pro-Bot, Roamer's successor with many updated features at a lower price.

Introducing the very latest in Logo technology - Roamer! Combine the world of robotics with the fun of Logo for even the youngest child with Roamer, an easy-to-use and friendly robot.

Roamer is the ideal way to introduce Logo commands in your classroom. It brings Logo to life in a friendly and tangible way. Since Roamer has Logo already on-board, it's like having a computer dedicated to your Logo lessons. Children can touch, feel and follow the Logo turtle as it moves about.


Roamer with yellow shellRoamer is designed to be sturdy, with few moving parts and a simple and friendly shape. It's easy to use - with a brightly colored touchpad featuring single keystroke commands. Roamer is lightweight and robust. The battery-powered Roamer offers you hours of Logo adventures - exploring, discovering and building.

Roamer can also play music. Pitch, duration and tempo add an extra dimension to any Logo lesson. A simple and clear User Guide and Activity Book accompany Roamer and will start your students on their way to hours of Logo fun and learning.

Roamer Accessories Available kits make it possible to customize Roamer - eyes, nose, ears, a tail - let kids design their own! There are even different shells to change Roamer's color to red, yellow, or green. Insert a colored marker pen into the Pen Pack attachment and watch Roamer draw fascinating designs.


Roamer Accessories


Roamer Turtle Roamer Turtle $299.95
Roamer Pen Pack Pen Pack: Put paper on the floor, insert a pen, and watch Roamer leave trails, draw shapes, and practice routes.Create lines in up to four different colors. Contains 3 pen brackets, 6 screws, 4 pen holders, 12 colored pens, Activity Book. $ 0.00
Roamer shells Shells: These colorful "turtle shells" expand opportunities for creative exploration with Roamer and make it easy for students to create costumes for Roamer while others practice programming it. Colors: red, yellow, gray and green. Available in sets of 4. $39.95 Purchase Set of 4 Shells
Roamer card pack Playing Cards: These durable playing cards make it easy for students to remember and debug the commands they give to Roamer. The activities help teachers use the cards to introduce Roamer commands. $24.95
Roamer rechargeable batteries Rechargeable Batteries: Two rechargeable batteries cut the cost of using Roamer over the long term. $59.95
Roamer battery charger Recharger Unit: Use one Recharger Unit for several pairs of batteries. $ 0.00
Roamer Control Pack  
Control Pack: Attaches easily to Roamer. Use the Sensor, Light, and Motor Packs to give your students more control and new challenges. $ 0.00
  Light Pack: Explore lighting, special effects, and communication with Roamer. Flash different colors, give Roamer headlights, explore ways to attach lights, and organize games. Control Box required. Contains one flasher unit, 8 pre-wired LEDs (2 each red, green, yellow and amber), 2 white lamps, 5 suction pads, Activity Book.
  Sensor Pack: Teach Roamer to hear, see, and touch. Roamer can search out a light, react to sound, and signal when it bumps into another object. Control Box required. Contains 1 light sensor, 1 sound sensor, 2 touch sensors, 1 push button, Activity Book.
  Motor Pack: Add your own construction kit materials to these motors and control them with Roamer. Rotate the two DC motors in units of time. Now Roamer can lift weights, turn a paddle wheel or control a crane. Control Box required. Contains 2 DC motors, 1 stepper motor, 2 mounting brackets, Activity Book.
Roamer tiles Alpha-Numeric Floor Mats: These multi-colored interlocking floor mats provide an excellent running surface for Roamer. Each step moves Roamer from one mat to the next. Each mat contains a number or letter of the alphabet. The floor mats may be combined in any pattern to use Roamer to reinforce other lessons or create motivating games. Pack of 36 mats makes a 6' x 6' square or may be assembled into other shapes. $79.95 Purchase Alpha-Numeric Floor Mats
Math workcards Math Workcard Packs: Math workcard packs present a wide variety of Roamer activities to support key mathematical concepts. Workcard packs emphasizes a key math idea such as measurement, estimation, and angles. Each pack includes several sequential activities along with Teacher Notes outlining the setup and listing key ideas and curriculum links. Cards are designed for use by children with bright colors and lamination for long endurance. 9 Packs. $ 0.00
RoamerWorld Software RoamerWorld software brings Roamer activities to the computer screen. Roamer’s control pad is emulated on the computer screen and students use the mouse to “press” the buttons. At the “GO” command, a screen version of Roamer executes the commands which are recorded to the side. The PC interface cable allows programs from Roamer to be transferred to the computer and programs written with RoamerWorld to be transferred to Roamer. Compatible with Windows computers. $ 0.00
Roamer poster Roamer Poster: Enliven your classroom wall with the brightly colored Roamer poster. The Roamer poster lists each Roamer command and provides suggested movement sequences. A quick glance at the poster reminds students of the function of each key on the Roamer keypad.
$ 0.00