Bee-Bot and Bee-Bot Support Materials

Terrapin offers the exciting new Bee-Bot programmable robot along with a full line of accessories and support materials to enhance the Bee-Bot experience.

Bee-Bot is getting its own web site! You can view it at Check out the new products including the Docking Station, Farm Mat, Vacation Mat, and Bee-Bot Hive. Tell us what you think and what should be included on the site.


Bee-Bot Bee-Bot

A fun programmable
robot for young children

Bee-Bot curriculum Bee-Bot Curriculum

Lesson plans and learning
stations for using Bee-Bot
in the classroom

Bee-Bot accessories Bee-Bot Accessories

Items to enhance the
use of Bee-Bot

Bee-Bot mats
Bee-Bot Mats

Colorful surfaces designed
for Bee-Bot that teach
different subjects

Bee-Bot software Bee-Bot Software

Software to bring the
Bee-Bot experience to the
computer screen

Bee-Bot bundles Bee-Bot Bundles

Economical combination
packages of Bee-Bots and