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by Dorothy M. Fitch
Grades K - 3

Kinderlogo offers a fun and unique way for young learners to use the computer. By putting them in charge, Kinderlogo captivates and excites children far beyond typical K–3 computer activities. At the heart of Kinderlogo, children explore and discover freely, moving a "turtle" around the screen using easy commands introduced in 5 levels. Turning the turtle right and left, moving it forward and back, exploring patterns, and creating original designs immerses young learners in a world of mathematics, letting them experience and readily understand basic concepts. Engaging activities at each level reinforce the commands and concepts. Designed to encompass years of use, Kinderlogo will become a child’s favorite computer activity!

Kinderlogo is a standalone program that comes on a dual format CD compatible with both Windows and Macintosh computers. Kinderlogo offers 24 distinct activities across 5 levels of difficulty. As students master an activity, they develop skills that are utilized in subsequent levels. Kinderlogo also opens a rich Logo environment for young learners, introducing "turtle" commands sequentially and allowing unlimited open exploration.

A Kinderlogo maze activityKinderlogo is targeted at kindergarten through third grade students. The author, Dorothy Fitch, has two decades of experience in developing educational software and a long history of working with the Logo computer language. By developing Kinderlogo, Ms. Fitch has been able to make the learning power of Logo available to the youngest students. She is currently responsible for teaching 700 primary school students in Arizona about computers and reports that Kinderlogo is among their favorite activities.

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    Kinderlogo single user
    Win/Mac dual format CD, 132 page user manual
$ 49.95
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    Kinderlogo Site License
    Win/Mac dual format CD, 132 page user manual, site license for use on all computers at a school site
$ 299.95
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A Kinderlogo pattern activity
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