Syntax SETXY [xcoordinate ycoordinate] 
Explanation SETXY moves the turtle to the point specified by its input list. The first element is the X coordinate (horizontal); the second, the Y coordinate (vertical). The command SETPOS is equivalent to SETXY.

To obtain the X and Y coordinates of the turtle, use GETXY or the equivalent command, POS. See also SETX and SETY, XCOR, and YCOR.

The input to SETXY is a list. Since Logo does not evaluate the contents of lists, the list used with SETXY must contain the numerical coordinates of the desired location. If variables are used for the values of the X coordinate and the Y coordinate, they must first be evaluated for use with SETXY. The LIST command can be used to do this as in the following example.

MAKE "X 100
MAKE "Y 100